You may work up to 28 hours a week in Japan upon your authorization by the Immigration office (Student Visa holders only)

Various kinds of work will be available depending on your skills and qualifications. Japanese /English proficiency, past experiences, special licenses/credentials, and interpersonal skills. There is a job posting bulletin board at school, as well as many job hunting sites are available on the net.

★ Absolute beginner  
Kitchen hall staff, Cleaning staff, Catering staff, English teacher,  Personal assistance, Cook, Fast food restaurant staff, Manufacture assistance staff, etc.

★ Basic Japanese
Supermarket staff, store clerk staff, Hotel staff, Japanese restaurant staff, warehouse staff, cafe and restaurant staff, etc.

★ Intermediate Japanese
Translator, Administrative staff, Hotel /Hospitality Management, Upper restaurant staff, etc.

★ Advanced Japanese / Special Skills
English Teacher, Systems engineering, Art & Design, Accounting, Trade administration, etc.

Upon your arrival in Tokyo, KAI Japanese Language School will assist you in obtaining a work permit in Japan. (Student Visa holders only)

Wages in Tokyo

The Minimum wage is Tokyo is 1013 Yen in 2019.

You may earn 2,000+ Yen as an English Language Instructor

1,000 Yen x 28hrs = 28,000 Yen /week (Approximately $280USD/week)
1,500 Yen x 28 hrs =42,000 Yen /week (Approximately $420USA /week )
2,000 Yen x 28 hrs =56.000 Yen /week (Approximately $560USA /week )

The Application Process in Order to Obtain a Work Permit

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