The General Course is designed for passionate and eager students who want to improve in all aspects of the Japanese language. This course is based on a balance between the four necessary skills vital for proficiency: Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading, and Writing. For each of the eight levels you complete, you will receive a certificate.

KAI has eight “levels” of proficiency. However, these levels can be catered to the students’ needs and personal goals as well as their excellence in different aspects of the four necessary skills. This course is highly intensive and it is focused on developing language skills within a short period of time but is not rigid in structure.

At KAI, we enroll young and enthusiastic students from all over the world.

KAI also provides opportunities to apply Japanese lessons in programs such as Free Talking, Leader’s Talk, Open Class, in essay writing workshops and in discussion workshops.

KAI Japanese language school is continually striving to embrace innovative and modern learning techniques. This is why we incorporate devices such as the iPad (shown above) into our curriculum.

General Japanese Course students can also take these optional classes in conjunction with their regular curriculum:

  • JLPT Preparation Classes
  • Business Japanese
1 Term10 weeks
Lesson Days5 days a week (Mon. to Fri.)
1 Lesson50 minutes
Lessons per week20
Time9:00-12:50 or 13:40-17:30
* The class time cannot be chosen.
Class SizeMax 16

The orientation session given at the beginning of your term will introduce you to the support provided and the learning methods used at KAI. Academic support is offered by our experienced counselors in the program.

2020 Schedule
Winter TermJan. 15 – Mar. 27, 2020
Spring TermApr. 8 – Jun. 22, 2020
Summer TermJul. 1 – Oct. 1, 2020
Autumn TermOct. 12 – Dec. 22, 2020
  • Summer break: Aug. 8, 2020 – Aug. 30, 2020
  • 9:00 – 12:50 or 13:40 – 17:30
  • 200 lessons per term, 20 lessons per week Monday-Friday, Four lessons per day (50 min. each)
  • All the General Course students are required to use the iPad for their lessons regardless of their possession of their own personal non-iPad-tablets and/or PCs. The DLS (Digital Learning System) fee includes the rental fee of an iPad Air 2 with mobile connection as well as the cost of the usage of the online learning platform and digital learning material.
2020 Tuition and Fees (JP Yen)
 4 terms
(1 year)
3 terms
(9 Months)
2 terms
(6 Ms)
1 term
(3 M)
Materials and KAI⋮DLS32,00024,00016,0008,000
  • Materials & DLS (Digital Learning System) fee includes KAI’s original digital learning materials, commercially printed books and various handouts as well as usage of custom-developed software and services.
  • The cost required for extracurricular activities such as transportation and admission fees is to be paid by students on site.

 Four terms
(1 year)
Three terms
(9 months)
Two terms
(6 months)
One term
(3 months)
Rental fee48,00036,00024,00012,000

A rental iPad is available for a fee as listed above. If you wish to use your own iPad, it must be iPad Air 2 (2014) or later, 9.7″ and above. The iPad mini is too small for viewing course materials. The storage of 32GB and above is recommended. Please be advised, some Wifi+Cellular iPads purchased outside of Japan may not work with Japanese mobile networks. A rental iPad for temporary use is available for 500 yen per day.

Electives (JPY)
8 times x 2 lessons/day16,000
15 times x 2 lessons/day30,000
  • You need to be enrolled in a KAI course in order to take optional electives. If you wish to take electives alone, please consult WAVE.

Application Misc. Fee (JPY)
College Visa (Student Visa) Application Fee
Health Insurance (6 Months) 5,800
Health Insurance (9 Months to 1year)10,000
WAVE’s Handling /Application Fee
US $350

*Students in this course who are staying in Japan for over 3 months are required to apply for the College student visa. Please note that a high school diploma or an equivalent credential is required for visa applications.