Profound language and communication skills are crucial for business in Japan. We offer three types of programs for all students.

In these programs, students learn comprehensive subjects which include: Business Japanese language, business etiquette, and job hunting skills in Japan. While you prepare for a professional life in Japan, you can take advantage of the employment support system at the school provided by a recruitment agency for free. We fully support you and want you to have a successful career in Japan.

  • NBJ Business Japanese Program
  • Basic Business Japanese Class 16
  • Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients

NBJ Business Japanese Program

This program is designed for those who are enrolled in the advanced levels of the General Japanese course and/or who have JLPT N2 or equivalent skills. This program meets the educational standards and criteria set forth by the Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program.


“Japanese for Job Hunting” (20 hours)
Study how to prepare for job interviews, proper vocabulary, and etiquette.

“Japanese for Workplace” (40 hours)
This course will introduce you to the communication skills necessary for interactions with your colleagues and bosses at work. Topics include: ways to respond to your bosses, how to politely ask questions, expressing your gratitude, and etc.

“CBL Community Based Learning” (20 hours)
This course will show you how to work with a team and practice Business Japanese language with Japanese people outside of the school

“BJT (Business Japanese Test) Preparation and Practice” (80 hours)
BJT is the test to evaluate your proficiency in the Business Japanese skills necessary for working in Japan. The class not only prepares you for the exam but also teaches you important expressions found in the test and offers the opportunity to practice communications in a business setting.

Note 1: The Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program guides foreign students to overcome language and cultural barriers, to acquire enough communication skills to accomplish tasks and to become capable workers in Japan and abroad. The NBJ Business Japanese Program at KAI Japanese Language School has met the educational standards and criteria set by Nisshinkyo.

Note 2: To complete the NBJ program, you need to be registered in the General Japanese course as well as the subjects mentioned above.

Note 3: BJT (Business Japanese Test) preparation classes are only offered in the April and October terms. Thus, you may not take JLPT preparation classes held in these terms.

Registration Procedures

In order to determine if you are qualified for the NBJ program, you need to take a proficiency assessment test and an interview before your enrollment. If you already have JLPT N2, you will only need to take the interview.

Those students with proficient conversational skills who wish to enter Level 7 of the General Japanese course: You may complete the NBJ program while you are taking the required subjects in levels 7 and 8.

Those students not yet acquired proficient conversational skills who wish to enter Level 7 of the General Japanese course: First, you need to finish the General Japanese course level 6, and then complete the NBJ program in Level 7 and 8.

Basic Business Japanese Class 16

This class is designed for those whose Japanese proficiency is at an intermediate level, but want to learn Business Japanese expressions and manners necessary for part-time jobs or prepare for future job hunting. The class is an hour a lesson and held twice a week for 8-weeks. You can casually learn business Japanese.

Learn to acquire business basics in a casual setting for 16 hours a semester
  • The class is an hour a lesson and is held twice a week for 8-weeks.
  • A session contains 16 lessons, but you may reduce it to 8 lessons.
  • This class will prepare you for job-hunting. However, it is not the focus of the course.
  • Since this is also a popular optional class for General Course, you need to sign up as soon as possible.

*Lower intermediate Japanese skills are required.

Flexible Date and Time

One Term is 8-week long and the lesson is twice a week from 17:30 to 18:30 (60 min/lesson). It is limited to take 8 terms per person.

The class starts 4 times a year.

Basic Business Japanese class contains four sessions.

TermDatesApplication deadlineSession
2019 WinterJan. 29 – Mar. 21Jan. 22, 18:00B, D
2019 SpringApr. 16 – Jun. 13Apr. 10, 18:00A, C
2019 SummerJul. 16 – Sep. 26Jul. 9, 18:00B, D
2019 AutumnOct. 22 – Dec. 12Oct. 16, 18:00A, C
  • The lessons are primarily offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, this may be changed. Please consult us for more details.
  • There will be no class during the summer vacation of the General Course between Aug. 4 and Aug. 26.
Comprehensive Business lessons in a short period of time

You will learn how to write business e-mails, learn business protocols and business terms in each session. The content of each lesson is different. The lesson content is as follows:

Session AWork Basics & Preparation for Employment 1
Job Interview phrases 1, Figure basics 1, Job hunting inquiries, How to write a resume
Session BWork Basics & Preparation for Employment 2
Job Interview phrases 2, Figure basics 2, Interviews, Greetings at work, Asking questions
Session CJapanese at Work & Communication 1
Social conversation 1, Presentation 1, Quantitative expressions 1, Receiving instructions, Reporting to the supervisor
Session DJapanese at Work & Communication 2
Social conversation 2, Presentation 2, Quantitative expressions 2, Telephone manners, Conveying messages
Class Size

3 to 15 students

16 times8 times
Non-KAI students18,000 JPY9,600 JPY
KAI students15,000 JPY8,000 JPY
  • If you want to take 8 lessons only, please choose one from the choices below:
    • To take the first half lessons.
    • To take the last half lessons.
  • The textbook is included in the tuition fee above.
  • The tuition fee is applied to a registered session only.
  • The tuition is non-refundable after the class-start day.

Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients

Based on the experience acquired from numerous successful corporate training sessions, KAI Japanese Language School proudly makes it possible for foreign employees to utilize Japanese language and communication skills which create interpersonal relationships within the company. We have created a training curriculum that meets the demands of actual corporations and businesses that are taught by highly experienced instructors in corporate settings.

Instructor Dispatch Classes – For Those Interested in Office Lessons

KAI Language School provides on-site classes for an individual or a group.

Special Corporate Training Programs – For Those Interested in Staff Training

KAI Language School designs special programs to meet the demands and needs of general companies and businesses, as well as those with special areas such as IT engineers, marketing staff and corporate managers who wish to acquire the necessary Japanese skills in a specific field.

Procedures From Application to Course Completion
  • A meeting to discuss the content of course
  • Level check (to clarify if the participant has already undertaken some classes or education regarding Japanese)
  • Course duration
  • Submission of a report

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