Tuition & Fee

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Living Expense

You need at least 100,000 Yen/month ($920). However, 120,000 Yen – 150,000 Yen ($1100-$1400) is desirable. If you are qualified for a student visa, you may work part-time up to 28 hours/week. Hourly wage ranges from 900 Yen (Convenience Store) to 2,000+ Yen (English Instructor).

If you plan to travel throughout Japan or Asia, be prepared to have enough funds to cover your travel plans.

Airfare to Japan

In the United States, it costs approximately $900 – $2,000 for a round-trip ticket depending on the season and the city you live in. Here are some sites to help you find the cheapest flight and the best deal:

Emergency Fund

Additional 100,000 – 200,000 Yen for incidental expenses is highly recommended, or you may want to make prior arrangements with your family members/friends to support you in case of an emergency.

Cost of Living in Tokyo

NUMBEO Cost of Living in Tokyo

EXPATISTAN Cost of Living in Tokyo