2020 Schedules
2020 Tuition and Fees

Application and Handling Fee for WAVE USA, Inc. $350.00 (Non-Refundable)

Deposit and Fees At the Time of Application

Please submit 10 % of all of tuition and fees and $350.00 USD for WAVE USA. Please refer to Cancellation Policy

College / Student Visa

If you are an American Citizen and plan to study more than 3 months in Japan, you need to apply for a College/Student Visa. (For those with other nationalities, please consult with WAVE USA, Inc.)

The process involves many documents and forms; however, you will be entitled to apply for part-time work permit which allows you to work up to 28 hours a week!

The list of necessary documents for the Visa Application
□ An application form (KAI form)
□ A photograph taken within the last 6 months, no hat, plain background, student-like clothes in JPEG format. The minimum size is 960 pixels x 1280 pixels. This photo will be used on your resident card too.
□ Personal records and a statement of the reason (KAI form)
□ A certificate of graduation from the last school that you attended
□ A certificate of your Japanese ability if applicable
□ A photocopy of your passport (passport data pages, pages with the dates of entry/departure to/from Japan)
□ Proof that you have sufficient financial resources: Please see below for detail.

Proof of Sufficient Funds
How Much Do I need to Apply for the College/Student Visa Japan?

One year: Fee ¥ 800,000 + Living expenses (¥100,000/month) ¥1,200,000 ≒ ¥2,000,000
Two years: Fee ¥1,600,000 + Living expenses (¥100,000/month) ¥2,400,000 ≒ ¥4,000,000