J-WAVE – Tuition Installment Plan

J-WAVE – Tuition Installment Plan




moneyfan02020821The J-WAVE program offers tuition installment plans for the Japanese Language School and assist you in getting the part-time job to earn income as you study!




Tuition Payment Plan

Here is the Installment plan description:


Total School Fee (Tuition & etc.) – Approximately  $7,776.00

Before departure – Pay 12.5%  $972.00

6th Month in Japan –  Pay 12.5% $972.00

Monthly Installment 75% / 12 months – Pay $486.00/Month


Your approximate installment payment is $486 per month, and you will be billed for 2 payments of $972.00 before departure and on the 6th month.




*You have housing and other expenses in addition to the loan payment. Please refer to the Fee and Payment section for the details.



You are to start a part-time job with the sponsor company as soon as you start school.


Your wage will be as same as local Japanese staff wages are, ranging from 900-1,200 JPY per hour (approximately $9.00 – $12.00 / hr) depending on the types of job, location, and your skills. You will be earning the same hourly wage as local Japanese employees, and you will receive your salary directly from your employer.



*You may extend your stay in Japan by one more year upon completion of the first year program.