J-WAVE- Career Opportunities

J-WAVE- Career Opportunities



Work Part-time on Student Visa

Students who have an exchange student visa in Japan are eligible to work up to 28 working hours per week during the school season and up to 40 working hours a week during the off-school season.

You can take advantage of the part-time job opportunity to earn funds for living in Japan, and at the same time experience the business life with Japanese coworkers!






Interviews with Sponsor Companies


When you are qualified to participate in the J-WAVE program, J-WAVE’s office in Tokyo will arrange interviews with potential sponsor company(s).  In most cases students have interviews after they arrive in Japan.


J-WAVE will provide students with a brief orientation for job interviews focusing on the importance of Japanese etiquette and business protocols.


J-WAVE provides installment plans for  students regardless of a job offer from the sponsor company. J-WAVE will try its best to find you a job so that you can start paying the tuition and housing as soon as possible.




Work with the sponsor, Overview


You will be working with local Japanese people where you are expected to work with good ethics and perform your duties successfully with the sponsor companies.


This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about Japanese society, business, and culture.  Moreover, you can utilize what you learn at the Japanese language school in your job and everyday life, and make new friends! You can experience your stay in Japan not as a foreign guest, but as a member of the society.


As many companies prefer face-to-face interviews, you may not know your employer until you get to Japan. However, J-WAVE initial selection process has been valued by sponsor companies and hundreds of students have found a job through J-WAVE, with the exception of a few students. It is very rare to not find a job through J-WAVE.


You will be working under the management of the local office/store/factory assigned by your sponsor company. The J-WAVE program organizer will assist you with your income management as well as study/work schedule.


★ You will most likely work in the afternoon after morning classes, or you may be assigned for the early morning/later in the evening if you take afternoon classes.

★ You are allowed to work 28 hours per week during school season (40 hours per week on seasonal breaks)

★ Working shifts, leaves and days off are negotiable with your supervisor, depending upon the workplace situation. You are treated equally as Japanese employees.

★ Some positions may require health check-ups during the interview process.

★ You will be earning the same hourly wage as local Japanese employees, approximately 900-1,200 JPY/hour.


Job Opportunities


Various kinds of work will be available depending on your  Japanese language skills and special qualifications. Japanese/English proficiency, past experiences, special licenses/credentials, and interpersonal skills will be taken into account during the interview process. We strongly recommend that you make yourself open to many possibilities.


*You may change the job in accords with your improvements in your Japanese language or professional skills.




★ Absolute Beginner Japanese 

Kitchen hall staff, Cleaning Staff, Catering Staff, English teacher,  Personal assistant, Cook, Fast food restaurant staff, Manufacture assistance staff, etc.


★ Basic Japanese Proficiency

Supermarket staff, store clerk staff, Hotel staff, Japanese restaurant staff, warehouse staff, cafe and restaurant staff, etc.


★ Intermediate Japanese Proficiency

Translator, Administrative staff, Hotel /Hospitality management, Upper restaurant staff, etc.


★ Advanced Japanese  / Special Skills 

English teacher, Systems engineering, Art & Design, Accounting, Trade administration, etc.


Upon completion of the program,  full-time career opportunities may be available for those who have Bachelor:s or higher degree.  J-WAVE’s office in Japan will assist you in your career search and work visa application process.