J-WAVE – Qualifications and Criteria

J-WAVE – Qualifications and Criteria



J-WAVE Program welcomes energetic students from all over the world!


★  Male or Female over 18 years-old of any nationality

★  High School Diploma or higher.

★  Financially capable to cover the self-coverage portion of  tuition & fees.

★ Eager to learn the Japanese language and culture and enthusiastic about experiencing the life in Japan.

★  Very open-minded, well-rounded with hard-working attitude. 🙂

★  Willing to adapt to Japanese culture, customs and social practices.

★ Japanese language skills is an advantage, but it is not required.



Selection Criteria

Although each company has its own preference and qualifications for the candidates, J-WAVE’s preliminary selection is held by a Skype interview, and a written test. J-WAVE focuses on assessing students’ enthusiasm, accountability, sociability, and cultural adaptability.



Students who ARE NOT eligible for the J-WAVE Program:

★ A citizen of Japan (Holds a Japanese passport)

★ Stayed in Japan previously under the Technical Trainee Visa

★ Already studied at a Japanese language school in Japan with a Student Visa more than 1 and a half years.

★ Current resident of Japan with a Spouse Visa or a Refugee Visa

★ Current resident of Japan with other long term visas (For a confirmation, please directly inquire within)

★ Applicants under the age of 18

★ Applicants with a urgent/complex medical status which may likely result to an early dropout from the program