J-WAVE – Payments and Income

J-WAVE – Payments and Income



The cost to participate in the J-WAVE Program consists of 3 elements: school expenses, housing, and misc. fees.


School  – Total of  777,600 Yen / Year (Approx. $7,776.00)
Housing  –  535,000 Yen /Year (Approx. $5,350.00)
Program Application Fee and Refundable Deposit – 150,000 Yen  (Approx. $1,500.00)



The J-WAVE program enable you to make monthly installment payments of 75% of Tuition.



You need to have:
At least $3,422.00 + Air Fare before your departure to Japan
Financial Guarantor 


Below is the chart of the annual expense and payment plans with approximate US Dollar figures.




  • Exchange rate may change – US dollar figures are for references only.
  • Tuition and fees may slightly vary depending on the location of your designated school.
  • The student must be responsible for air fare to Japan, school transportation (bus/train) fee, and personal expenses.




Your Income:



You will earn the same hourly wage as other Japanese workers in the same position.
Positions and wages will be determined by your qualification and the language proficiency.
See Career Opportunities for more details.


*Exchange rate used: $1USD = 100JPY
*Based on 28hr./week (school in session) & 40hr./week (during breaks)
*Expense does not include food and personal expenses

****Bringing additional fund is strongly recommended***

*Income calculation: