★About Application★


Q. What is the age and education requirements?

Anyone 18+ can apply to our program.  Applicants must be at least a high school graduate or higher.







Q. I am currently a university student. Can I apply?

Yes. You can apply if you are able to take a leave of absence from your institution for one full year, or if you are a college senior who wishes to start J-WAVE upon your graduation. If you wish to work full-time upon completion of this program, we strongly recommend you finish your Bachelor’s degree program before you join J-WAVE , as it makes it easier to obtain a full-time work visa.



Q.  I do not speak Japanese. Can I still apply?

Yes. Our program helps and supports students at beginner level, we will teach you until you are read. Some jobs or employers do not require you to be fluent in Japanese.



Q.  When can we apply and when does the language school start?

There are 4 semesters starting in January, April, July, and October, and we start accepting students’ applications approximately 8 months prior to the start dates.



Q. What is the Certificate of Eligibility?

The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document issued by regional immigration authorities which prove that the student meets visa requirements to stay in Japan. You need a COE document in order to apply for a Student VISA at the Japanese Embassy of the United States of America or a Consulate office of your jurisdiction.


Q. When I am accepted to this program, do I sign any contracts?

Yes. You will sign the Program Agreement Contract to acknowledge program terms and conditions. The duration of the contract is one year, renewable for one more year.



★About Affiliated Japanese Language Schools★

Q. Can I call the school directly to ask more about the J-WAVE program?Mountain Fuji in winter

If you want to ask about the J-WAVE program, please contact WAVE USA Inc. or J-WAVE. If you have a specific question in regards to the school and the curriculum, you may refer questions to the school.


Q. Can I choose the city or location the school ?

You may be able to express your wish regarding the city you wish to come to study and work in Japan. However, generally the program will assign you the city (location), Japanese Language school,  and dormitory of which you will not be able to request for change otherwise.



★About Life in Japan★ 

Q. Who arranges the airplane ticket to Japan? Who covers the cost?

Once you receive a Student Visa from the Japanese Embassy or a Consulate office of your jurisdiction, please make your own arrangements to purchase tickets. Students must be responsible for the ticket, and WAVE USA, Inc. will be glad to refer you to travel agents who specialize in trips to Japan. Please consult the J-WAVE office with the date of your arrival  as J-WAVE offers airport pick up and transportation services to your dormitory at no additional cost.



Japanese Businessman holding business card with Japan Flag. International cooperation, investments, business opportunities concept.



Q. Can I visit my home country during school breaks?

Yes, you may leave Japan temporarily to visit your home country with prior permission of your employer or sponsor. Although you are free to take a leave, you are responsible for you own travel costs.



Q. Can my family visit Japan and stay in my dorm?

Your family is welcome to visit you in Japan as long as you keep regular school attendance and grade rates, and work schedules. However, your family members need to make their own lodging arrangement and are not allowed to stay in your dorm.



Q. When did the J-WAVE program start? How many students are in this program?

J-WAVE  has begun its operation in April of 2014. Currently,  there are about 100 students from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, America, Mexico and more.