J-WAVE – Application Process

J-WAVE – Application Process





Application Procedures



Request Information Session

★ Submit Application form.
Application form will be sent to the applicant upon completion of the information session.

★ Application Fee & deposit

WAVE USA, Inc. will send the applicant an invoice of the application fee (50,000 Yen)
*For US applicants, Application Fee will be $400 USD.

★  Interview

WAVE USA, Inc. will arrange your interview with  J-WAVE staff in Japan.

★ Upon Approval
Submit the program deposit 50,000 JPY to J-WAVE office in Japan

★ School Assigment
J-WAVE will assign you a Japanese Language School Based on the criteria listed on the Affiliated School Page

★ Student Visa Preparation
The school will contact you directly. Provide necessary information to the school for your Student Visa application.

★ Visa approval by Japanese Immigration
(A copy of the approval notice will be sent to the student)

★Apply for Student Visa at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate of your jurisdiction
(Bring the visa approval notice from Japan)

★ Remaining Balance Payment
Submit the rest of the balance to J-WAVE in Japan before your arrival in Japan:
Total mount of Approximately 240,220 JPY ($2,422.00USD)
Tuition prepayment  97,200 JPY
2nd payment of the program deposit 50,000 JPY
Housing application fee 55,000 JPY
First month rent 40,000 JPY

★ Purchase tickets, and notify the date of arrival to J-WAVE

-Welcome to Japan!-


Application Deadlines