J-WAVE – Affiliated Schools

J-WAVE – Affiliated Schools





Japanese Language School Placement Program


Japanese Language School  —— J-WAVE  Affiliates 


J-WAVE has more than a dozen affiliated Japanese language schools from all over Japan. All the schools are located in the areas that are accessible and surrounded by welcoming settings of each city:



★ Tokyo ★ Yokohama

★ Chiba ★ Saitama

★ Hakone ★ Osaka

★ Kyoto ★ Sappororo

★ Fukuoka ★ Hakodate and etc …


The J-WAVE will ask students for preferences of location; however, we may not meet your choice, and you may be assigned to an alternate location.


Japanese language schools that partners with J-WAVE are fully accredited by the Japanese government and eligible to issue student visas.





Criteria for School Assigment

★ The vacancies of quota for different nationalities in each language school

★ Availability of Japanese classes suitable for the students’ Japanese language levels

★ Availability of the study loan and sponsorship in the region

★ Availability of the position at the sponsor company at the time of students’ enrollment



School Features


Japanese language schools that partner with J-WAVE offer grammar, vocabulary, conversation, reading, writing and listening comprehension lessons. Each classroom has no more than 20 students and provide detailed and understandable instructions suitable for all nationalities and backgrounds. J-WAVE offers Japanese classes for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), Academic preparation (Bachelor / Master program prep), and Business Japanese.







Semester Periods


The J-WAVE Program accepts applications and admits students 4 times per year in accord with the Japanese Language School semester schedule. Spring Semester, Summer Semester, Fall Semester And Winter Semester intakes are available, all of which have a different duration of study to receive the students’ graduation diplomas. Regardless of which season you start, you need to stay at least 1 year to be qualified for the J-WAVE .






Upon the successful completion of the J-WAVE program, students may seek for permanent employment in Japan, if the student has already obtained a Bachelor’s degree. You may submit an application form to the office of Japanese Immigration Center for a visa to allow you to stay during job hunting activities.



Most Japanese language schools tend to offer a curriculum that stimulates your knowledge of Japanese grammar, vocabulary and Kanji (Chinese characters) according to the learning model below.






Classroom and Level Placement


Once students arrive at the assigned school, students take a Japanese Level Placement Test at their assigned Japanese Language School. Depending on their test results, students will be assigned to an appropriate Japanese class. Every language school offers Morning Classes and Afternoon Classes for various Japanese levels.




Upon arrival, the J-WAVE office in Tokyo will finalize students’ class schedule, employment position and work shifts. As your language proficiency determines your school schedule (morning or afternoon classes) your work shifts will be modified accordingly.