J-WAVE – Accommodation

J-WAVE – Accommodation


J-WAVE will provide dormitory-type housing in which international students  live together.


J-WAVE  program participants are required to reside in the designated dormitory for at least the first year of program due to the visa sponsor supervision purposes.



Room Type

The dormitory will be a unit with shared facilities. One unit will usually have 3-4 bedrooms. Although the dorm has both men and women, individual rooms will be shared by the same gender.



Dorm room may be a Japanese Tatami room, and you may need to sleep in Futons (Japanese mattresses.)

Example: 4 bedrooms, 1 dining and living room, 1 toilet and shower room




Utilities and Facilities



Students will share the following facilities in one living unit:

*Kitchen (Refrigerator, Rice cooker, Microwave, Stove)

*Shower, bath, bathroom

*Laundry machine, drying space (Balcony)

*Dining space


*Japanese Mattress or bunk bed





We make sure to select residential areas that are safe and comfortable for our students. The area will be surrounded by affordable shops, supermarkets together with convenience stores, medical facilities (such as hospitals and clinics), and drug stores.




Students’ housings are usually located in convenient areas to commute to school and work by public transportation. If necessary, bicycles will be provided for students’ use for a residence that is far from a station.






*Housing application fee for dormitory entry/ housing insurance  – 55,000 JPY (Non-refundable)

*Monthly rent- Fee 40,000 JPY (Internet and other utilities included)

-Cost may vary for students whom prefer a private bedroom-