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J-WAVE Program

Japan-Worldwide Academic & Vocational Exchange


The J-WAVE  program is operated by US-Japan International Association of Investment Development (Tokyo, JAPAN) in cooperation with WAVE USA, Inc., (Florida, USA) and it offers a unique cost-effective way for ambitious, diligent, dynamic, and passionate young people to study, work, and live in Japan.

As of 2016, more than 500 students of multiple nationalities took advantage of J-WAVE program.



How Does J-WAVE Work?



J-WAVE offers tuition installment plans, part-time jobs, and affordable housing as you study Japanese in Japan.


The tuition installment plan will be offered to the qualified candidates for up to 75% of the annual Japanese language school tuition & fees with no interest.


Study as you earn!


Upon arrival to Japan, J-WAVE office in Tokyo will set up interview(s) with prospective employers, and start working as soon as receive an offer.

As you earn income from your part-time job, you pay monthly tuition and housing fee to J-WAVE.

J-WAVE screens all applicants to evaluate applicant’s aptitude and qualification in the J-WAVE program participation. The numbers of qualified applicants will be determined by the quota available from the fund and the number of employment positions offered by Japanese sponsor companies.


Program Length 

J-WAVE is a 12-month program, and you may want to extend for another 12 months.

Program Start Date

You may start the program from the following dates.
January, April, July, October