WE will get you READY for your new life in Japan!

-Strong focuses on the oral fluency & good understanding of cultural background-



Our  teaching is based on the principles of the “Weiss Language Method,” which is rooted in several core principles of language learning:



 1. The best way to learn to speak is by speaking. The Weiss method maximizes each student’s personal speaking time in small or large classes.


2. The best way to learn to speak fluidly is by allowing thought patterns to flow naturally. This method maximizes student’s ability to think slightly ahead and speak without interruption.


3. Speaking and thinking in two languages simultaneously, or worse, translating from one to the other, can be difficult and counterproductive to learning. The method therefore encourages no use of student’s native language, although some references are not entirely forbidden at more advanced levels.


4. The teaching of grammar per se is not necessary and a hindrance. Unlike computer software code, the human brain is not wired to learn a set of rules that then create sentences. It is wired to produce countless examples of correct speech and then build the rules inductively in the subconscious. The Weiss method allows student to produce thousands of examples and repeat that process. The student picks up grammatical rules intuitively like a child learning his own native language, based on what “sounds right.”


5. The only way to learn efficiently to speak is with a NATURAL method that prepares students for actual life experiences in the language.


LESSON FEE:  $50/hour


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