Proper communication skills are crucial for business. KAI Japanese Language School proudly offers three types of Business Japanese programs for all students.Fotolia_16615485_XS


In these programs, students learn comprehensive business Japanese necessities which include: business Japanese language, business etiquette, and job hunting skills in Japan. While students are getting ready for professional life in Japan, they can take advantage of KAI’s employment support provided by a contracted recruit agency for free. We fully support students to bridge them to their successful lives in Japan.


Basic Business Japanese Class 16


This class is designed for those who have intermediate Japanese skills to begin preparing for the business life in Japan.  It teaches basic business Japanese expressions and manners necessary for part-time jobs as well as ways to prepare future job applications. This class is one hour per lesson, twice a week, and 8-weeks long.


16 times 8 times
Non KAI students 18,000 9,600
KAI students 15,000 8,000


Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients

KAI offers special programs based on the needs and objectives of corporate clients. This customization includes obtaining special Japanese skills necessary for specialized fields such as IT engineering, marketing staff/manager, etc. We also offer on-site lessons at your corporate office.

WAVE’s  Fee:
$350.00 USD Application Handling &  pre-departure orientation service fee