The General Course is designed for passionate and eager students who want to improve in all aspects of Japanese language. This course is based on a balance between the four necessary skills of language: Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading and Writing. It is especially recommended for students who wish to improve their Japanese long-term. College student visas are available and provided. A high school diploma or equivalent credential is required for visa applications.

General Course 01



The Curriculum

KAI has eight “levels” of proficiency in their Japanese Learning Course. In addition to the established eight levels, KAI has a very flexible curriculum which incorporates the students’ needs and personal goals. The content of this course is highly focused to develop language skills within a short period of time and is suitable for people who are willing and passionate to learn Japanese.


In KAI classrooms, we enroll young, career-minded global citizens who represent more than 40 countries. Although classes are diverse, Japanese is the common language of communication in both inside and outside the classroom.
For each of the eight levels you complete, you will receive a certificate. (Attendance 80% and grade 70% or more required)


KAI also provides opportunities to practice Japanese learned in class in programs such as Free Talking, Leader’s Talk, essay writing workshops, discussion workshops, and Open Class.



KAI and DLS (Digital Learning System) (iPAD for KAI students!)


KAI Japanese language school is continually striving to embrace innovative, modern learning techniques. This is why we incorporate modem technology such as the iPad (shown above) into our curriculum. With KAI DLS (Digital Learning System), we’re taking our biggest leap forward: our original study materials have been transformed for a better learning experience and KAI is committed to progressively augmenting the platform.



Optional Classes

KAI Japanese Language School offers optional classes for the current General Japanese Course to meet the needs of each student.


Course information

1 Term 10 weeks
Lesson Days 5 days a week (Mon. to Fri.)
1 Lesson 50 minutes
Lessons per week 20
Time 9:00-12:50 or 13:40-17:30
* The class time cannot be chosen.
Class Size Max 16

Support Program

KAI’s staff cordially provide orientation and educational support for you to be successful in your academic and social life in Japan.


The orientation session given at the beginning of your term will introduce you to the support provided and explains the learning methods used at KAI. Academic support is offered by our experienced counselors in the program.

ASK – Advisory Services @ Kai

(Advice = Sodan = Kyoryoku)
Kai provides counseling, education and referral services to help students manage personal, academic and professional life in Japan. (e.g., housing, daily life issues, college/university, career planning, visa extensions, etc.) Your advisors are ready to help you whenever it is needed.

2017 Session Dates

Winter Term Jan. 16 – Mar. 27, 2017
Spring Term Apr. 10 – Jun. 21, 2017
Summer Term Jul. 3 – Oct. 2, 2017
Autumn Term Oct. 12 – Dec. 22, 2017
  • Summer break: Aug. 5, 2017 – Aug. 27, 2017
  • 9:00 – 12:50 or 13:40 – 17:30
  • 200 lessons per term, 20 lessons per week Monday-Friday, 4 lessons per day (50 min. each)

2017 TUITION & Fee

Period Registration Tuition KAI DLS Charge Total
One term
(3 months)
20,000 220,000 10,000 250,000
Two terms
(6 months)
420,000 20,000 460,000
Three terms
(9 months)
630,000 30,000 690,000
Four terms
(1 year)
800,000 40,000 860,000
Optional Electives
(8 times x 2 lessons/day)
N/A 16,000 N/A 16,000
Optional Electives
(15 times x 2 lessons/day)
N/A 30,000 N/A 30,000



*KAI DLS (Digital Learning System) charge includes the rental fee of an iPad Air2 with mobile connection as well as usage of the online learning platform and digital learning material. All the General Course students are required to use it for their lessons regardless of possession of their own personal tablets and/or PCs.


*It is vital to be currently enrolled in KAI’s course to take optional electives. If you wish to take electives alone, please consult with our staff.



General Course Material Prices
Levels Prices
Level 1 3,740
Level 2 3,240
Level 3 3,240
Level 4 6,480
Level 5 1,296
Level 6 3,456
Level 7 1,728
Level 8 0


*The General Course students are required to purchase necessary materials at school on the first day of the course, except for the Level 1 materials which are sold on the fifth day of class.


*The prices above are subject to change. Please ask for the quote at the time of the application.



Fees for College Student Visa Applicants Only
Items Prices
College visa application fee 20,000
Insurance (6 months) 5,800
Insurance (9 months to 1 year) 10,000




WAVE’s  Fee:
$350.00 USD Application Handling & pre-departure orientation service fee