J-WAVE – Info Session / Apply

J-WAVE – Info Session / Apply



Request an Online Information Session

In order for you to fully understand the J-WAVE Program before you apply, you need to attend an online information session.


The session normally lasts about 30 minutes, and it may be a private session or within a group, depending on the number of applicants. You are welcomed to ask any questions you might have.


Upon completion of the information session, WAVE will send you a J-WAVE application form.


Before you request for the information session ,
PLEASE UNDERSTAND the following:


  1. The program is 1-year long, and extendable annually.
  2. You understand that you need to have at least $3550.00(USD) +Airfare before the departure.
  3. You are required to provide a financial guarantor during the visa application process.
  4. You are require to stay in the assigned dormitory during the program.
    In the event when you have problem submitting this form,
    kindly please email us at  japan@waveusa.net



J-WAVE normally contact you within 3 business days. If you do not hear from us, please email us at japan@waveusa.net.